Wildfire Red Flag Warnings In Wisconsin

On Monday, the conditions for wildfires in parts of Wisconsin were alarmingly good for the chance of wildfires to happen. As a result, the Department of Natural Resources sent out a red flag warning for a total of seven counties.

The areas that have been issued red flag warnings are located between the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin River. The counties are Clark, La Crosse, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Trempealeau and Juneau.

There are some people who have Department of Natural Resources-issued burning permits. However, due to the red flag warnings, they were not able to use those permits.

This past Sunday was the busiest day the year, in terms of outdoor wildfires. Authorities were fighting off 43 wildfires that were burning all over the state of Wisconsin.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the fires, and there was no property damage. However, it was still a pretty serious situation. In Clark County’s steep terrain, water tanker planes were needed to put out fires.

The Clark County fires burned through 89 acres at Bruce Mound, a recreation area. Several homes near the site were vacated until the fires were put out.

Officials from the Department of Natural Resources are warning the public to keep track of their activities in order to prevent wildfires. Outdoor grills, smoking, fireplace ashes, campfires, engines, chainsaws and vehicles all have the potential to start wildfires. All there needs to be is a spark for a serious wildfire to start.

There are specific conditions that increase the likelihood of wildfires happening. For example, gusty winds, high temperatures and low humidity all contribute to the chance of wildfires. Dry fuels, such as dry shrubbery, can increase the likelihood of wildfires.