William Siato: No Security Protocols will Lead to Potential Cyber Disaster

William Siato is a Japanese American businessman and a high-level consultant who has provided valuable cyber security information to the Japanese government. He is a leading figure in the world of cybersecurity for IT systems and networks. Siato has been around for many years working in the field of cybersecurity. This brilliant man has even helped to create biometric security features that are in use today.


One thing that deeply concerns William Siato is how computer related systems are developing all over the world without security. This is troubling to Siato because he sees potential cyber disasters happening for industries, companies and governments. Once of his biggest concerns is that companies are including technology into various products such as cars, appliances, electronics but are not securing these items.


As a matter of fact, Siato believes that companies are not taking the matter seriously. He sees that companies are treating security issues as a low-level concern. Siato thinks that this type of action is serious mistake. Companies can easily have their information exploited and consumers can have their personal information taken due to this lack of concern for security.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a coming reality. This is a system that will allow anything with an internet connection to be linked together. People with smart refrigerators, appliances, electronics and cars will all be a part of the IoT. While this is a good thing, Mr. Siato knows that it can easily be exploited. He is sure that this is going to happen in the future. He also states that some companies and people already had their information and identity stolen without realizing what has happened to them.


William Siato wants people to understand that the internet is only possible because of security protocols. Without these safeguards built into the World Wide Web, the internet would be quickly overrun by cybercriminals and hackers. Cyber security is a key part to having a safe and protected internet environment for everyone to enjoy.