Wisconsin’s First Hemp Expo Makes People Hopeful

Recently, the first-ever Hemp Expo in Wisconsin was held. Hundreds of people flocked to the expo to learn about the kinds of business opportunities that they could reap from hemp.

Hemp is a strain of cannabis that does not have any THC in it. A person can smoke as much hemp as he or she likes, but he or she will not get high. Hemp consumption will not make a person fail a drug test. It is a very versatile, therapeutic plant that can be used in many applications.

The legalization of hemp in Wisconsin has happened very, very recently. There have been efforts to make medical marijuana legal in the state, though those efforts failed. People at the Hemp Expo hope that this will set in motion the further legalization of THC-containing cannabis plants.

Supporters of THC-containing cannabis argue that it is relatively much harmless than any so-called “drug,” if at all. Also, the usage of cannabis can prevent overdoses from happening. This is a good point, considering how rampant opiate/opioid addiction is.

Some of the people at the expo ran businesses relating to hemp. Rachel Cartwright, a woman who works at a business called CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin, appeared at the event. She produces therapeutic gummies and oils from hemp.

Jim Naumann, a cannabis activist who fought for the legalization of hemp, believes that hemp and marijuana are the future. These plants are not the evil, horrible things that anti-marijuana propaganda from the middle-20th century portrayed; they are harmless plants that are capable of producing lots of jobs and revenue.

Naumann is correct to hold this view because in a study in 2015, it was found that $2 billion and $18,000 new jobs were generated by the cannabis industry in Colorado.

In 2016, voters in Wisconsin were polled on the issue of marijuana by the Marquette Law Poll. It was found that 59% of voters felt that marijuana should be fully legalized and regulated, like alcoholic beverages.