One Week Later Lucas Hernandez Still Missing

It has now been eight days since five-year-old Lucas Hernandez was reported missing in Wichita, Kansas. Despite a flood of publicity and social media presence, all leads have come up empty. Lucas’ stepmom, Emily Glass, reported him missing on Saturday, February 17 at about 6:15 pm. According to Glass, Lucas was last seen three hours prior in his bedroom before she took a shower and then fell asleep. Glass was subsequently arrested on Wednesday on two counts of child endangerment, relating to the disappearance. There have been little details regarding the arrest released to the public because this is an active investigation. Officials have not commented on where Lucas’ father, Jonathan Hernandez, was when Lucas was reported missing. Because police found no evidence of an abduction, there was no Amber Alert activated.

Thus far, police have been focusing their search for Lucas in Chisolm Creek Park. Authorities initially searched the park on Monday, just two days after the disappearance, but a new tip led them to search the park again on Friday. Law enforcement officials came up empty both times. More than 100 officials have been assigned to the case, including officers with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Sedgwick County Sherrif’s Office.

Lucas has brown hair and brown eyes and was last seen wearing a gray shirt with a bear on it, black sweats, and white socks. Born on December 3, 2012, Lucas stands approximately four feet tall and weighs around 60 pounds. Police are asking for anyone who has information about the disappearance to call 316-383-4661, even if the detail may seem insignificant. Officials are also encouraging the public to keep sharing pictures of Lucas online.

Previously Unreleased Jimi Hendrix Music Is Coming

Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. However, his legacy continues to live on. There will soon be an album of Hendrix material that has never been released in any form. ‘Both Sides of the Sky’ will be the name of the album. It will consist of 13 songs. Included on the album will be a a rendition of the song “Woodstock” that was written by Joni Mitchell. Stephen Stills will appear on the album. The album will be released on March 9th. Hendrix was only a recording artist for four years. It is remarkable how much material he managed to record during that very short period of time.

This is the third Hendrix album of unreleased material that has come out during the past several years. There is no telling how much more material remains that has not yet been released. These recent albums have all been digitally remastered to provide the highest quality sound. It will be like listening to the original master tapes. In fact, the production of this new album and its two predecessors were overseen by Eddie Kramer. He was the engineer on many of the original Hendrix recordings.

Many Hendrix fans have wondered why this material has been collecting dust for decades instead of being released a long time ago. It is a valid question. There were legal disputes over the rights to Jimi’s music that took many years to resolve. Jimi’s father and sister were eventually given legal control of his entire catalog. It was then a question of going through the archives and choosing the best songs to release and in what order. The songs needed to be remastered and produced in a manner so that listeners would enjoy them. Some of the original tapes were not in the best condition. These tapes required much work to restore them.

Fishers, Indiana: The Best of the Midwest

There is one small problem with being voted the Number 1 Most Livable City in America, and that is popularity. Once word gets out that Fishers, Indiana has so much to offer, it will no longer be a well-kept secret. Still, Fishers has a lot going for it according to Money.


This enclave about 16 miles northeast of Indianapolis surpassed small farming community town status years ago. In fact, it was officially designated a city in its own right in 2012. At 86,000 residents, there’s no sign of growth slowing down. The town is welcoming new businesses, and that momentum creates an impressive 11% projected job growth in the next 5 years. If you are an entrepreneur or technologically inclined, this could be the spot for you.


It’s not all about work in Fishers. There’s plenty to do during your down time. The Nickel Plate District is considered the central area and hosts restaurants, shops, and an amphitheater. If you set your shopping clock around the local harvest, Fishers Farmers Market operates every Saturday year-round. They simply move indoors during those frigid Indiana winter months. Fishers also showcases its local artists with regular events featuring their work.


Fishers is a family-oriented and safe environment in which to raise a family as well. The area includes a couple of dozen parks and miles of walking and biking trails. The schools consistently rank among the highest in the state, and with their high school’s advanced placement opportunities, students are well equipped for the rigors of college.


As if all that weren’t enough, Fishers is an affordable place to call home. You have enough yard room for you and your children to enjoy outdoor activities. It’s no secret, Fishers, Indiana is the place to be.

Eminem Releases First Album in Four Years

Recently returning to prominence after a politically charged freestyle performance at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards, rapper Eminen has solidified this newfound interest with the release of Revival this week. The 77-minute album marks his ninth studio release and the first since 2013’s widely acclaimed The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The album boasts a number of notable collaborators including Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and production from Denaun Porter and Rick Rubin.


Produced over the course of 2016 and 2017, Eminem’s new album has a storied history leading up to its final release. Revival is notable for having only one track produced by the eminent Dr. Dre, whose unique production aesthetic is ubiquitous on Eminem’s earlier releases. Dre’s sole credit is on “Remind Me (Intro),” an interstitial of sorts at only 26 seconds in length.


While the album is packed with interesting features and collaborations, at least one track changed dramatically from initial plans. “Walk on Water,” which features powerful vocals from Destiny’s Child veteran Beyoncé was initially supposed to feature English singer-songwriter Adele. Like the guest spots, Revival features a broad range of interesting samples from Regina Spektor to Bette Midler. Sheeren revealed that his vocals for “River” were recorded at New Zealand actor Russell Crowe’s farm estate in Australia. Rapper 2 Chainz is alleged to have recorded a verse on “Chloraspetic,” the album’s third track, but this was unfortunately left on the cutting room floor. Instead the song features Phresher, a comparative unknown.


Overall, the album is seeing relatively mixed reviews, holding a 63 on Metacritic, though it may still be too early to fully gauge the Revival‘s merits and impact. The Guardian has been the harshest reviewer to date, giving the album a dismal two out of five stars and heavily criticizing its overall production.

Tool’s Upcoming Album Is Heard by Tom Morello

Tool has been one of the most successful hard rock bands of the past 25 bands. Their catalog is filled with outstanding music. The one knock on the band is that they are rather lazy when it comes to writing and recording new music. This is actually a bit of an understatement. They have not released a new album since 2006. However, the long wait for the next Tool album will finally come to an end in 2018. The band confirmed that a new album will be released next year. However, they did not give any specifics as to an exact date. The band said they are not even sure what time of the year it will be released.

Tool is still in the process of recording the album. However, they allowed former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello to listen to a chunk of the unfinished album. He posted a review of the music he heard on Instagram. He loved what he heard. He also said that he is excited to hear the finished product. It should be pointed out that Morello was only able to listen to instrumental tracks. The vocals had yet to be added to the mix.

It seemed for a long time like Tool was not interested in ever recording a new album again. They were simply content with making money by touring occasionally without the pressure of writing new music. However, they started to mention that they were in the studio recording new material a few years ago. The process of recording the album has been very slow. However, the positive review from Morello should make it easier for the fans of Tool to endure the remaining months until the album is released. Morello did not say how many songs will be on the new album.

Eminem to Release New Album

Eminem was the biggest selling musical artist in the United States from 2000-2009. He is also the biggest selling rap artist in history. His millions of fans around the world have been wondering when he will release a new album. He had not done so since 2013. However, their wait will soon be over. Eminem’s new album called ‘Revival’ is going to come out December 15th. He has been performing some songs from the album on various TV shows over the past couple of months. He recently made an appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as the musical guest.

Eminem has kept a relatively low profile since the release of his most recent album four years ago. He lives like a recluse. This is surprising for someone who is as famous as he is. ‘Walk On Water’ is the title to the first single from his new album. The song talks about how he can never meet the very lofty expectations that his fans have for him. This song is very interesting because it reveals the massive insecurities that Eminem has. This is very surprising when you consider the fact that he is one of the most successful musicians of all-time.

Eminem has not revealed any tour plans to support his new album in 2018. There were rumors that he might be doing some shows with his mentor and former collaborator Dr. Dre. However, that is just speculation at this point. Eminem made headlines several months ago when he released a freestyle rap about his hatred for President Donald Trump. He also received huge cheers from the crowd when he made an appearance at a Detroit Pistons game soon after the anti-Trump rap was released. Eminem has said that he took so long to released a new album because he was lacking inspiration.

Dick and Betsy DeVos: Advocating for the Future

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy who is currently the Secretary of Education have always been champions for their community. A recent article, “Dick and Betsy DeVos: Changing Institutions and the Face of Their Hometown” discusses some of the influence that they wield throughout the nation. The article, located at, is a great listing of some of their good work and discusses how they have used their position to be a catalyst for change.


In fact, Dick DeVos used his knowledge of a similar situation in Detroit to stall the construction of a convention center in downtown Grand Rapids. He believed that building a sports facility would ultimately be detrimental to Grand Rapids because of the proximity to the central business district. His ruthless campaigning and vigor eventually led to the formation of a group dubbed Grand Action. This became a very important organization in Grand Rapids because it led to the construction of buildings that would be useful in better locations. Projects supported by Grand Action would go on to facilitate the growth of the skyline by adding a medical school, a convention center, an arena, a city market, and even a performance hall.


The couple has always been busy with their own causes. Betsy DeVos has been a major advocate for charter schools and educational choice, while Dick DeVos has been instrumental in the overhaul of labor laws. While Betsy DeVos seems to have made a big name for herself in the education sector, Dick DeVos is also passionate about education. He even went on to help found a charter school dedicated to aviation at Grand Rapids’ airport. He has also made himself an outspoken supporter of his wife’s efforts to enact school choice. As a team with their combined motivation, there is no stopping them from achieving all the dreams they have for the future.


The DeVoses have shown that they are willing to use their substantial financial backing to help advocate for the people in their community. They are the heirs to vast family fortunes, but they choose to work for those that are most affected by these circumstances. They both believe that school choice is important and that it gives parents the right to choose their children’s educational path. This helps to create a better future, not only for the children but for the entire country. They have even successfully advocated for school voucher programs in charter schools on a national scale.


Dick and Betsy DeVos are not afraid to jump into the fray of politics and lawmaking to help enact real change. They know what it takes to lead this country in a positive direction. They haven’t always succeeded in their efforts, but they have also never given up. They rely on their knowledge of history, their substantial education, and the voices of people within their community to fight for the issues that really matter. Their dedication will continue to mark them as significant leaders within the national community as they continue to lobby for change.


Follow Dick DeVos on twitter.

Hussain Sajwani from Humble Beginnings to Real Estate Titan

The successful businessman and entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani went from humble beginnings in a conservative middle-class family to a pioneering real estate mogul in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Founder of DAMAC Properties.

The group was established as a real estate corporation specializing in deals throughout the Middle East, particularly in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and various other locations. Hussain Sajwani grew up in a very hard-working middle-income family with a father who owned his own shop selling pins and watches. His father regularly worked laboriously and would bring Hussain Sajwani in on a frequent basis to help around the shop; doing various tasks that were suitable for a young child.

As a business owner, his father generally worked long hours and had to miss out on a lot of Hussain Sajwani’s upbringing due to the fact the shop required him to be there on a daily basis. There, Hussain Sajwani was exposed to the pitfalls and some of the negative aspects of running a business as a small businessman. His father wanted him to assume ownership of the family company and continue into his footsteps, but Hussain Sajwani decided to pursue a more professional education and take the entrepreneurial spirit to the next level in various other businesses that would prove to provide bigger income streams and dividends-without the stress.

Furthermore, Hussain Sajwani’s mother was an entrepreneur in her own right, she sold fabric and other household goods for extra money for the family within the town that Hussain Sajwani grew up in. She was known for the quality and care put into the goods that she sold and was also influential in Hussain Sajwani’s makeup of becoming a very detail oriented entrepreneur. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani has risen from very modest beginnings, coming from a small middle-class business owner’s family and transforming into one of the more renowned real estate titans in the Middle East.

Damac Properties Owner, Hussain Sajwani

They announced that their latest luxury production in business bay, Reva Residences, is offering spectacular one and two bedroom apartments which provide an excellent view of the Dubai Canal. These residences give a stunning view of the Canal as would be expected of a top-of-the-line luxury property. Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani, has made this possible, along with 24-hour support and top-grade amenities.


Not only are the accommodations considered to be top level, but Hussain Sajwani has made it so that the apartments themselves are also set to be an affordable, lifestyle centered concept in the heart of Dubai. The one bedroom apartments are set to start at the price of AED 699,000. Customers got more information about these residences on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This took place at the Godolphin ballroom in Jumeirah Emirates Towers from 10 am to 10 pm.


Not only is the DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani making apartments more spectacular and luxurious with this company, but senior vice president Niall McLoughlin has stated that the area has become the center of Dubai’s business, lay back and place of enjoyment. He also says possibly the most shrewd apartment purchaser will stand in amazement at the overall proportion that these residences bring to the overall area. It offers most accommodations that anyone would be happy and comfortable with.


Some of the accommodations in these apartments, that Hussain Sajwani has directed DAMAC to procure, include such things such as fitted kitchens, spacious bathrooms, etc. These residences also include an elegant lobby and a 24-hour reception and concierge desk, landscaped gardens for residents, and more.


Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the son of a simple man that sold watches, shirts and other goods that had been sent from China. He received a government scholarship in engineering. He had received this degree at the University of Washington and started his career at Abu Dhabi Industries in 1981. In 2002, he created Damac Industries. Damac is one of the biggest living development companies in the Middle East. Today, Hussain is married, is a father to four children and resides in Dubai.

Jed McCaleb: Entrepreneur, Computer Programmer, and Co-Founder of Stellar

Jed McCaleb, the original developer of the first bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has a lot to say about entrepreneurship, the world of technology involving blockchain, and digital assets like cryptocurrency.


Jeb McCaleb start out doing serious computer programming and computer platform building in 2000. McCaleb created eDonkey, a peer-to-peer file sharing platform. eDonkey was the first computer platform to allow multiple nodes to download files. McCaleb was also known for creating Mt. Gox in Japan, the first bitcoin exchange. McCaleb ended up selling Mt. Gox a year later.


In 2018, Jed McCaleb is very focused on putting his name on the most-influential list of cryptocurrency innovators and industry disruptors. As the CEO of Stellar Foundation, Jeb McCaleb, along with Joyce Kim, a fellow cofounder, are looking for ways to solve those thorny issues involved with Bitcoin. Issues like scalability and flexibility are tough problems to solve.


As for, it fits well into the untapped business sector, by functioning as an open-source, financial network for institutions involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash.


Jed McCaleb’s Stellar Foundation is a viable business and investment solution for those 2 billion people in the developing world who are not associated with any banking institution. With, McCaleb’s foundation helps to bring cost effective and secure options for banking institutions and their future customers. Bitcoin can bridge the gap, just like P2P file sharing software and eDonkey once did. The mission of is to connect banks with an open-source network that is cheap and stable. It is also important that all cryptocurrency transactions go smoothly.


McCaleb’s success come from his ability to never let obstacles impede him achieving great things. McCaleb notes that due diligence, clearing out unnecessary activities, and following specific strategies are keys to success.


McCaleb’s latest ventures, outside of, include areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI). McCaleb feels that AI could really take hold in two decades. He is an advisor to the Machine Research Institute (MIRI), a non-profit organization whose focus involves making tools that will bring safety for future AI programs.