Fabletics Scores Rave Reviews!

Kate Hudson, iconic actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn, co-founded the sportswear company Fabletics in 2013 with one goal: to make fashion-forward athletic clothing accessible to the masses by creating a line that is not only trendy, but also wallet-friendly. And she has accomplished that! Most Fabletics outfits (which each include a top and a bottom piece) are $50 and under (sometimes WAY under).


Among the many fans of Fabletics is the duo of Heather and Joanie, better known as the blog owners of “The Krazy Coupon Lady,” a blog touted as “The World’s #1 Couponing Site.” Together, these ladies have been VIP members of Fabletics for several years and counting, and have often relished the chance to post about the many benefits of this line of clothing. So what are their favorite features of Fabletics, and what makes it different from any other line of athletic clothing? Glad you asked! These Krazy ladies note the reasonable (and sometimes INSANELY so! $10 for an outfit?? Yes, please!) pricing, the on-trend styles that are updated monthly, and the flexibility to swap items in and out as desired. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Let’s hear from another satisfied Fabletics customer.


Teri Hutcheon, owner of the blog entitled “A Foodie Stays Fit,” is now sponsored by Fabletics, but it is important to note that that has not always been the case. She is an avid runner and also does Crossfit, so one can only assume that Teri needs workout clothing that she can count on to hold up well for lots of hard work. In Hutcheon’s opinion, certain Fabletics pieces, like the leggings, are so awesome that they rival the quality of high-end retailers like Lululemon (but at a fraction of the price)! She also loves the adorable styles that Fabletics offers. In particular, many clothing items feature well placed cut-outs and bold patterns, which she loves.


If your New Year’s resolutions include improving your life with a fitness habit, it is worth it to explore investing in some cute new workout duds that won’t break the bank!

Better games means better betting with Covers.com

If there’s been one pleasant surprise about the NBA this season, it’s been the amount of parity between the teams in both conferences. Sure, you still have dominant teams like Golden State, Cleveland, and, as always, San Antonio, but the the gap between the mid-level and low-level teams has shrunk considerably. Just look at the Western Conference; the 9th and 18th seeds are separated by 4 games. In the Eastern Conference, the 3rd-seeded Celtics and 8th-seeded Bulls are separated by just 1.5 games! Whether you chalk it up to crazy amount of free agent money being thrown around right now or to the overall rise in new talent in the league, the NBA as a whole is just more fun to watch now than it has been the past 3 or 4 seasons.

The increased competition this season means games are more balanced and entertaining to watch, which couldn’t be more perfect for betting! Betting on NBA odds is always exciting, but the added team parity makes for an exciting watch as much as an exciting bet. I’ve never been a big fan of watching a game I’ve bet on where one team is destroying the other and the outcome is already decided by half time. A game that’s close and tense makes the bet that much more engrossing and, for me, makes the win that much more satisfying.

Better games are only one half of a better betting experience, though. You need a site with compelling spreads and an easy setup as well. Covers.com is my preferred site for basketball odds betting, particularly NBA odds spread-betting. The site is simple and easy to to use and the articles and expert picks are actually helpful in making your picks. I highly recommend digging through the trove of stats Covers.com has as well. For people who like to make informed picks, Covers.com offers a nice mix of expert recommendations and data to make your own choices. I have used quite a few NBA odds sports betting sites and so many struggle with this mix. For me, this makes Covers.com the ideal site for spread-betting and basketball odds betting, in general.