Senate Democrats Set To Block Abortion Bill

A decision by the state Senate of South Carolina to vote in favor of a bill that would ban nearly all abortions was met with much criticism Thursday, even from some activist that would classify themselves as anti-abortion. The bill, which was recently amended, passed by a vote of 28-10 and only allow for abortions to take place in instances where a rape or incest has taken place, or if for health reasons the termination of the pregnancy is necessary to save the life of the mother.

The ban that has otherwise been imposed on abortions in the state would violate the Roe V. Wade decision ruled on by the supreme court in 1973 that made abortions legal throughout the country. This has caused those that would support abortion in the state to fear that the bill will meet with legal resistance.

The bill would need another vote of support in the state Senate to advance its progress but Wednesday’s amendments to the bill will make it difficult to avoid an expected filibuster. There were repeated attempts to establish compromise with Democrats on Thursday but these were unsuccessful attempts.

The potential delay in progress could possibly occupy the Senate for the remainder of the current session which has a week remaining and cause South Carolina Senators to not be able to vote on other important bills.

Democratic Senator Marlon Kimpson of Charleston made the accusation that his colleagues with the GOP of wasting valuable time playing politics. Kimpson goes on to say that a group of men is attempting to hold the political process hostage while telling women what to do with there bodies. All the while, Kimpson explains that other issues that are just important are going to be neglected because of GOP stall tactics.

When the Senators began the abortion debate on Tuesday the only abortion that was set to be banned was second-trimester procedures known as “dilation and evacuation.” These procedures accounted for only 22 abortions that took place in the state for the year of 2016.