Blue Light Bulbs Are Selling Out In Westerville

In Westerville, people are buying up blue light bulbs like there is no tomorrow! Of course, this isn’t just happening in Westerville, it’s also happening in other neighborhoods, as well.

People are displaying the blue bulbs to show respect for two officers that were killed in the line of duty—Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering.

On County Line Road, there is an ACE Hardware location that is giving away blue light bulbs to whoever requests them first. The store is giving a maximum of one light bulb to every household. On Monday, ACE Hardware received a shipment of 500. They expected to receive 300 more the day after.

The Ace Hardware location on County Line Road is owned by a family, and they also have two other locations where they are giving out bulbs: one in New Albany and another in Sunbury.

As of Monday, Roush Hardware was sold out of blue light bulbs, though they expected to receive more the day after.

It is a great thing that people in the community are taking the initiative to respect fallen officers.

There has been so much anti-police rhetoric flying around nowadays. Police have been demonized and dehumanized. During the past several years, there has been a lot of negative chatter about cops due to the perceived racial discrimination that they supposedly commit against racial minorities.

Of course, there are police officers out there who do abuse their powers, and there have been situations where officers discriminated against people for their backgrounds. However, police officers are human beings, just like everyone else. Some police officers are good and some aren’t. At the end of the day, police officers put themselves in the line of fire and risk their lives for the purpose of keeping our communities safe. Some officers die or get maimed from doing their jobs.