Experts Find Ancient Roman Sarcophagus In Central London

A team of archeologists has just discovered an ancient Roman sarcophagus close to Borough Market in London.

Although archeologists don’t know the specifics surrounding this sarcophagus yet, they are almost certain it dates back some 1,600 years. They also believe this sarcophagus must have been made for a Roman nobleman or elite politician.

When the archeologists found this sarcophagus, they noticed that the lid was slightly open. This indicates that grave robbers probably pilfered this grave of its valuables in the 18th century.

Gillian King, the head archeologist on this project, said she was surprised to see such an elaborate sarcophagus in this area of the city. King did have suspicions, however, that there was an ancient Roman cemetery in this part of London.

When asked who she thought the person in the sarcophagus was, King said the owner was probably extremely rich and had a great deal of respect from the community. She also said she hopes the grave robbers left a few items of “small value” that might give researchers a better idea of who occupied this grave.

The group that carried out this archeological dig work for the Southwark Council. They are now in the process of transporting the sarcophagus to the Museum of London for further research.

Locals discovered an ancient Roman coffin by Swan Street about six months ago. This discovery caused Southwark Council to send out a team of archeologists to investigate the area.

Scientists at the Museum of London will first run tests on the bones and soil inside the grave. These tests will help researchers put a precise date on when this sarcophagus was constructed.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the general public will be able to see the sarcophagus at the museum. For now, the ancient Roman grave will be housed in the museum’s archive.