Prince William Insists That the United Kingdom Retains Friendly Relationships with Germany amidst Brexit

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge recently attended a state event to celebrate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth. The Duke was given a chance to address the attendees. The event was a garden party. The ambassador of Britain hosted it. While it was a celebration dubbed the queen’s birthday, Prince Williams surprised the citizens by highlighting some of the issues faced by the society. His wife Kate Williams accompanied Prince William.


Addressing the citizens, he said that Germany shares some of the most fundamental values of the United Kingdom. Among the values shared are determination and focus in providing citizens with better lives. William added that the two states share a lot in common from providing defense as well as security to the people. He also added that presently, the two states share an important interest that combines peace as well as prosperity. The two factors are embedded in making better the continent of Europe.


To William, the relationship between them highly matters because it is the summation of the many years they have been in business. On their tour as a couple, William addressed people concerning the importance of maintaining the relationship between the two places. He included that despite the recent decision by Britain to exit the European Union, he was hoping that there shall still be business between them. William is confident that the two will remain friends during operations.


After the speech, the couple had an interactive session with commoners. The event was held in a lush green environment in Berlin. Among the drinks that were served is champagne. Mr. Sebastian Wood was the host. After the event, he appreciated William for attending the event. He interjected that it was a sign of commitment and love to his family and relationships. Prince William is a peace icon.

Morgan Stanley Endorses Frankfurt amidst Brexit

Morgan Stanley is a renowned financial services firm. It has its headquarters in Broadway. This is in Morgan Stanley Building across Manhattan. Based in New York City, Morgan Stanley has approximately 42 offices in different countries. It also has an employee base of 55,000 workers. The clients of the company include governments, institutions, corporations as well as private clients. Recently, the company made an announcement concerning its commitment to making Frankfurt the primary base for the operations of European Union.


This news came after the announcement made by Britain to exit the block. According to reports, this is the bank that is responsible for most transactions in Britain. Most international banks are planning to establish affiliates in the European Union. This is in order to make sure that clients are being served even after Britain has exited the European Union in 2019.


According to sources, the decision by Morgan Stanley has created job opportunities for approximately 200 individuals. These workers will be based in the Frankfurt offices. Although the spokesperson for Morgan Stanley withheld most details concerning the new business opportunity, it is evident that it is an instrumental initiative. Most individuals continue to withhold information concerning the contingency plans. It is projected that Citigroup will announce its endorsement on Frankfurt as the primary platform for transactions. In the same scenario, Barclays announced that it was delving into talks with the regulators of Dublin. The agenda of the discussion was expanding the operations of the company.


Morgan Stanley’s choice came amidst expectations. Most sources indicated that the bank would massively employ workers in Frankfurt following Brexit because the company has a legal entity in Britain. Mr. Jamie Dimon who is also the chief executive officer of JPMorgan stated that he would also consider employing Frankfurt for his bank’s legal operations in the European Union.

Remaining Friends After a Break-Up

It is often difficult to separate the political from the personal. After all, people often delete friends and acquaintances off of their social media profiles if they disagree with their political stances and opinions. Doing so is even more difficult, one might imagine, for politicians.
Such is the predicament faced by the royal couple: London’s own William and Kate. Though nowadays the monarchs may be more figureheads than direct rulers, their sway and say serves as a major voice for the United Kingdom, especially internationally. After Great Britain voted for Brexit on June 23rd, 2016 (to separate from the European Union ) remaining on good terms with other European rulers would become more difficult than before the unexpected secession.
What better place for such diplomacy than Germany, without question the country with the most sway in what is left of the European Union. At a gathering hosted by the British Ambassador to Germany, Prince William not only assured all that Germany and England are on good terms, but emphasized the importance of these relations remaining positive moving forward. “The United Kingdom and Germany proudly share the same values as open and democratic societies, and the same determination to champion those values and to defend them – not least through our very close defense and security partnerships.” William and Kate Visit Germany
Whether this relationship will remain just as strong remains to be seen. What is certain though, is that Kate wowed in a dress designed by the late great ALexander McQueen.