The Future Of Guns N’ Roses

The legendary band Guns N’ Roses just finished their tour Not In This Lifetime on U.S. grounds. Their last show is going to be in Los Angeles. This was not even scheduled, but the band wants to give back to the town that made them great. After their Los Angeles concert, the group is going to perform several times in several different countries. Now, fans want to know the plans of the band.

Some members of the band think Guns N’ Roses had their time, but now it’s time to make room for new bands. Other members of the band think they should keep their music going, especially with live performances. In a recent request from fans, millions of fans have vowed to go to as many concerts as possible as long as Guns N’ Roses continue live performances. The manager of Guns N’ Roses stated that the band is overwhelmed with how many fans want to see them continue their music.

In a recent meeting, the members of Guns N’ Roses discusses the possibility of making a new album. They talked about songs, where the album will be recorded, and more. A professional marketer was also present. He discussed how labels are going to want some kind of proof that the band will at least go platinum. The marketer explained that this is the only way to get an investment from a record label.

Members of the band are refusing to make another album unless all the original members take part in it. This seems like a task, but the lead singer believes he can bring together all the originals members of the band for one last album. Further news on this issue is expected to be released within the next two weeks.

Guns N’ Roses End Their 2017 Reunion Tour

It seems that Guns N’ Roses is going to have to make some decisions soon. As the band’s reunion tour comes to a close, it isn’t clear what the collective will do next. This popular band is scheduled to play the last show of its 2017 reunion tour on November 29. Fittingly, the band is playing its final show in Los Angeles, where the band got together. Besides a six-week run of European shows next June, the reunited group does not have any further plans to work together. By the time they play the last concert in that short European tour, Guns N’ Roses will have been on the road for over two years. During that entire time, the band has not conducted an interview with a major media outlet. Though no one really knows why the band has been so press-shy, it may have something to do with Axl Rose’s long feud with the mainstream media.

It remains to be seen what Axl Rose will do with the Guns N’ Roses franchise. Because Rose has sole legal ownership of the Guns N’ Roses name, he could continue to dilute this brand by touring with a bunch of hired guns. Real rock fans know that it really isn’t Guns N’ Roses without Slash on board. After all, Slash is one of the most innovative and popular guitar wizards of the past 30 years. As many commentators have noted over the years, Axl Rose is a bit of a villainous figure. Clearly, Rose betrays the trust of his compatriots and business partners. It has probably taken a lot of humility for Slash and Duff McKagan to swallow their pride and work with Axl Rose. Hopefully, all members of this band are working to develop new ways to achieve commercial and artistic success. Axl Rose has more talent than integrity or good sense.