A Growing Passionate Plea for Legalization of Marijuana in South Carolina

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes across the United States has come under sharp and increased focus over the past years. With more researches confirming the medicinal qualities of marijuana, an increasing number of states have legalized marijuana not only for medicinal uses only. In some states, marijuana has also been legalized for recreational purposes. In total, 29 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is testimony to the growing popularity of its key compounds capable of minimizing the manifestations of medical conditions such as seizures.

The legalization of medicinal cannabis use wave has finally caught up with South Carolinas. At the forefront of the new push for medical cannabis legalization are families and loved ones of children and individuals suffering from various medical conditions including chronic seizures, autism and different genetical disorders. The overriding denominator in their passionate pleas is that medical cannabis can greatly alleviate the physical and psychosocial sufferings of their loved ones. For them, supporting legalization of medical cannabis is personal. They have been joined on their personal quest by some state lawmakers who are pushing for medical cannabis legalization bill currently in both houses of South Carolina legislature.

If successful, the move will see South Carolina bring the much-needed reprieve for thousands of patients in dire need of the highly beneficial compounds of cannabis. For many such patients, it will also offer a reprieve from the numerous drugs they have had to take. And most importantly, it will give them a break from the severe side effects of these drugs. For South Carolina leadership, this growing full-frontal push for legalization of medical marijuana on various platforms including seminars organized by advocacy groups is an opportunity to reconsider the scientific evidences on its potential medicinal qualities. However, how this will pan out remains a game of guessing for many.