Rally On Michigan State University Campus

On Friday, about 200 people gathered in front of the Hannah Administration building on the Michigan State University campus, calling for the leader of the campus to resign.

The rally was held because it was perceived that the leaders of the campus did not acknowledge the Nassar scandal and its terribleness. Nassar was the doctor for the USA Gymnastics national team for decades. He also worked at the University of Michigan as an osteopathic doctor. The man was accused of molesting young women for decades and using predatory psychological tactics.

The rally consisted of victims, students, various people from the community and a state lawmaker. They demanded that everyone on the Board of Trustees, as well as the interim president—John Engler, step down from their positions. The name of the event was “Rally For Resignations.” It was set up by an organization called Reclaim MSU.

The victims and the rest of the community believe that the leaders of the college are not owning up to the responsibility that they had in the abuses that Nassar committed against young women. They feel that the leaders are giving the opposite of understanding and compassion.

People in the rally also protested to have the structure of the Board of Trustees changed. They want a situation where students and faculty can have a fair chance of being able to give input. The protesters also desire a situation where MSU presidential candidates should not be appointed if two thirds of the Academic Congress do not like them.

This past February, Reclaim MSU was born when Brian Mosallam, a trustee, got into a conflict with several hundred people from the community during a town hall meeting. Out of several hundred people, dozens decided to be more vocal about their concerns. The group’s goal is to raise a voice about sexual assault and make waves in the community, as well as across the country.