Alex Karpovsky Shines In New MGMT Video

The actor Alex Karpovsky starred in MGMT’s recent music video. Called “When You Die,” MGMT’s latest song is going to be released on MGMT’s upcoming album. Announced under the title “Little Dark Age,” the new album is slated for release in 2018. Without doubt, this video furthers MGMT’s quest for cultural relevance. This band has certainly achieved plenty of critical success. However, it is no secret that this band’s commercial draw has dimmed since the release of the band’s debut album. Entitled “Oracular Spectacular,” this album managed to spawn radio hits while achieving great reviews from the most prestigious music reviewers. This band will continue to do great things in the years ahead. MGMT combines psychedelia with pop and electronic music. By combining a number of different genres, this band has achieved worldwide fame.

Many thousands of people are going to get excited when MGMT releases their next album. With each new release, this band breaks new ground in modern music. When I listen to a band like this, I feel that rock music can continue to progress and grow in a fascinating way. The band combines interesting lyrics with uniquely complex productions. This musical group specializes in performing songs that are deeply memorable. As many commentators have noted, this band has an almost uncanny ability to combine music and the visual arts. All of this band’s music videos have received accolades for their original, psychedelic sensibilities.

This is an era of interesting developments in rock music. MGMT is one of many modern bands that mixes electronic sounds with traditional rock instrumentation. This type of sonic diversity helps artists achieve reputations for compositional skill. These are the bands that have the potential to become part of the rock canon. MGMT’s fashion sense is fairly unorthodox. During live shows, the band wears a variety of outfits that range from tie-dye shirts to hip-hop clothing items.