Edgard Corona, Smart Fit

Edgard Corona surprised many experts by offering SmartFit remote educational and training courses

Edgard Corona, the CEO and founder of SmartFit and Bio Ritmo fitness facilities, recently informed the public in several interviews that he believes that his popular South American gyms should return to normal foot traffic and services between six to 12 months from now. The chain currently features 976 gyms, which includes 223 franchises and 753 of its own gyms in Brazil, Mexico and other nearby countries. Nearly 2.1 million customers seek services from Edgard Corona’s businesses. According to Corona, foot traffic has returned to approximately 60 to 70 percent of normal as compared to periods before the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Edgard Corona gave his thoughts about the pandemic, it’s impact on fitness and his hopes for the future. As he explained recently to Guille Vélez, “As we have not yet reached the necessary vaccination levels to achieve the herd effect, people still have to train with masks and that generates mistrust. But in a few more months, the reality will be different.” He emphasized that his plans hinge greatly on the economic recoveries that have to take place in different countries and pointed out that some countries are stronger performers than others.

He noted in a separate interview that he believes that once humanity achieves herd immunity, or at least more stable control over the impact of the virus on people and their day-to-day lives, he and his team can open at least 170 to 200 gyms every year starting in 2022. He hopes to saturate the Latin American market with 2,000 facilities by 2027. His overreaching goal though is to offer fitness services to between seven and eight million people. He has no plans yet for increasing his footprint in the United States.

Over the last year, Edgard Corona surprised many experts by offering SmartFit remote educational and training courses that helped gym members maintain their health and pay into his revenue stream after he had to shut down both SmartFit and Bio Ritmo gyms. He has plans to continue to offer these courses as a separate service offering and in anticipation of future disruptions caused by the current pandemic or other emergencies.

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