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Hauser Insurance Highlights The Basics of Business Insurance

Hauser Insurance Group is a group of insurance agents dedicated to providing the Midwest’s competitive insurance products and services. They offer property, casualty, home, life, and retirement products that meet the needs of businesses in all industries and sizes.

Hauser Insurance offers business owners expert advice on protecting their assets and providing employees with what they need to work at their best every day. Their goal is to make your world more successful by giving you peace of mind through risk management and financial protection.​​​​ Hauser Insurance Group provides insurance products and services for business owners, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. They are available to the public through the use of brokers. Those who wish to purchase on their own can contact the independent consultants assigned to their area or reach out through one of the local offices located in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Nashville.

Hauser Insurance also has an affiliate company named HIG Financial that specializes in employee benefits financial services, including group health insurance, group life insurance, group dental insurance, and career development consultation. Hauser Insurance Group offers life insurance policies specifically designed for those with disabilities or chronic illnesses. They offer health insurance designed for those with diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. The health insurance plans are tailored specifically for the customer and priced to ensure affordability. The Insurance Group has made it a goal to provide affordable healthcare coverage to those who need it most.

Hauser also offers mortgage-backed bonds and other forms of investment products and retirement planning products so that you can manage your financial future today. They specialize in providing small businesses with the life insurance that they need to protect their business and employees from the potential consequences of illness or injury. The Insurance also offers complimentary seminars on various topics, and they will be offering an upcoming seminar on the basics of business insurance.