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How Ombori wants to change the waste industry

The holiday season has just started all over the world. People in and outside America are awaiting the Christmas season. As the excitement for the season continues to rise, waste companies are starting to worry about the increase in waste. Many activities take place during the festivities, forcing people to collect more waste than other times. Most people do not go to work during the festivities too, and they party and buy so many things in their homes. Each passing day, everyone is starting to understand the effects of environmental waste on society. Companies and governments are working day and night to reduce waste, especially plastic and other harmful wastes into the environment. One new company is joining the efforts to manage waste. Ombori, a technology organization that is growing very fast has introduced an effective smart recycling technology to offer solutions to the problems the world the waste industry has been dealing with. When people use the technology in a certain retail location, it will be easier for consumers to recycle when shopping for the holidays.

Ombori designed the technology after carefully understanding the market. The tool has a screen and a scale that will be used to weigh the number of items given for recycling. Once a person visits the location with the smart recycling bin, they can put their items as the system weighs and displays the outcome. Apart from assisting in protecting the environment, Ombori believes that the system will go a long way in helping customers to have some fun. Most of the items donated will reach needy people in various destinations. The donated textiles or garments will also be a way of earning some discounts when the customers are making any purchases in the future. The bins used for this technology are already installed in the retail places for use.

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