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Laura McQuade Leads Campaign Against The Ban Of Title X Funding

With the recent ban of all Title X funding by the US Department of Health and Human Services, many New Yorkers are expected to suffer when getting medical attention. The ruling was instigated by a political move arguing that the government should not fund projects related to abortion which is regarded as immoral.

The government introduced title X funding in 1970 to help all citizens to get comprehensive health care facilities. Initially, the project covered abortion-related services healthcare facilities, but cancer screenings and sexually transmitted diseases checkups were introduced later. The government disburses more than $7 million through the funding that is later redistributed to more than 200000 New Yorkers to enable them to access better health care.

As an active activist, Laura McQuade, the founder and leader of Planned Parenthood Organization termed the move as uncalled for as many people will be exposed to diseases that would have otherwise been prevented. The lives of many women will be at high risk following the increased number of spontaneous abortions, while deaths caused by cancer will be on the verge.

To counter the move, the Planned Parenthood organization CEO plans to merge her organization with other affiliates to form the Greater New York Planned Organization. The new organization will have strong bargaining power and will be able to compel the government to reinstate Title X funding. The merger is also expected to increase its operating budget to more than $100 million, enabling the organization to increase its reach to more people in the country.

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