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Miki Agrawal Describes What Drives Her In Business and Life

The Things that Drive Miki Agrawal in Her Business and Life

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneur and the founder of several business adventures, such as Thinx, WILD, and TUSHY. Agrawal was born in Montreal, Canada, about 43 years ago. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her partner Andrew Horn.


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The latest in her business adventure is TUSHY, a company that aims to transform American toilets by introducing attachable bidets. TUSHY also released its first electric bidet seat made with TUSHY technology and comes with its remote control.

Miki Agrawal got a recent recognition of Most Creative Company’s People 2018. She also got a chance to speak about ways we can solve the world’s problems through creativity and art at a leadership summit held in Antarctica.

One of the things that help her in life is integrity; she believes that what she says must align with what she is doing, thinking and feeling. She describes herself as a soft yet calm person who thinks that friends should love her for who she is and others for who they seem to be.

Miki Agrawal defines a perfect business relationship as perfectly blended to produce the best results. For example, she says that her passionate and creative nature can work well with critical thinking and reflective operators.

While growing up, Miki Agrawal received a piece of great advice “never spend more than you earn,” which has helped her in her career and life. Another piece of advice she heeds to in her business is “fire slow, hire fast”.

She says that TUSHY Bidet and the internet are among the modern technological innovations she appreciates. While growing up, Agrawal found herself as a migrant, and she had to learn how to thrive amidst the circumstances.

The creative entrepreneur is passionate about saving around 15million trees used to make tissue papers each year through TUSHY Bidets. She is also concerned about the health of tens of thousands of people who acquire chronic illnesses resulting from using tissues. So the bidets will clean the butts altogether, leaving no chances for germs.

Her sole mission is to boost the planet and the people too.