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Philip Belamant Focus on Customer Interest

Philip Belamant, a businessman from South Africa, is recognized as a serial entrepreneur and an innovator who focuses on the customers’ interests. Using his innovative skills, he has increased digital payment services for several African customers with the help of advanced technology. Philip Belamant is also the co-founder and Chief Executive officer of Zilch firm, based in the UK. The Company operates in the UK and US, and it’s on the go to transform how consumers pay for its services.

Philip has developed an extraordinary strategy in dealing with regulators when building his payment services in Africa. With his interactions with each regulatory agency, Belamant ensured that his approach had a result that best satisfied the customers. He was also determined to secure required customer protections and that they were treated fairly.

Distribution of airtimes, discounts, and other electronic value components was among Philip Belamant’s African business plans to customers across more than 20 African countries. These countries included Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. Belamant had to demonstrate to local regulators in those African Countries that he could safely and responsibly execute the distributions.

To gain the regulatory approval to carry out his activities, he had to follow the universal criteria designed to protect financial institutions and banks against fraud, terrorist financing, corruption, and money laundering. Philip Belamant was also to confirm the identity of every customer to satisfy ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) standards, ensure that the funds from the customers were legit, and monitor their money laundering risks.

At Zilch, they facilitate what the clients want to do seamlessly and, at the same time, look at what value they can add to their customers by using technology without disturbing them with questions but making it simple without taking an extra step. Philip Belamant’s strategy for a business decision is always guided by his strong focus on customer interest as he continues with his payment industry disruption.