Remaining Friends After a Break-Up

It is often difficult to separate the political from the personal. After all, people often delete friends and acquaintances off of their social media profiles if they disagree with their political stances and opinions. Doing so is even more difficult, one might imagine, for politicians.
Such is the predicament faced by the royal couple: London’s own William and Kate. Though nowadays the monarchs may be more figureheads than direct rulers, their sway and say serves as a major voice for the United Kingdom, especially internationally. After Great Britain voted for Brexit on June 23rd, 2016 (to separate from the European Union ) remaining on good terms with other European rulers would become more difficult than before the unexpected secession.
What better place for such diplomacy than Germany, without question the country with the most sway in what is left of the European Union. At a gathering hosted by the British Ambassador to Germany, Prince William not only assured all that Germany and England are on good terms, but emphasized the importance of these relations remaining positive moving forward. “The United Kingdom and Germany proudly share the same values as open and democratic societies, and the same determination to champion those values and to defend them – not least through our very close defense and security partnerships.” William and Kate Visit Germany
Whether this relationship will remain just as strong remains to be seen. What is certain though, is that Kate wowed in a dress designed by the late great ALexander McQueen.