Founder, Robert Bull

Robert Bull Warns of the Costly Equity Release

Equity release may seem a lucrative form of getting cash. When a homeowner has attained an age of 55 and above, they are entitled to equity release. They can access this cash in bits or large amounts, depending on their needs. Then, they can repay the loan tied to their house, with accrued interest, later. Robert Bull, the CEO of RoyaleLife, claims that equity release is not the best option a homeowner can opt for. It is tied with several disadvantages that a homeowner or their beneficiaries would not enjoy experiencing. If the cash is the problem, Robert Bull advises on alternative methods that would not burden the homeowner in the latter days.

Robert Bull claims that even though equity release may seem to be ideal short-term, it will have negative consequences later when the debts have accrued, and the owner fails to pay the loan. Also, when the loan is repaid, the homeowner may have died. As a result, the beneficiaries are left with a financial burden. It can be a time that these beneficiaries are mourning their loved ones, and an added responsibility to delay with repayment of the loan or to lose the house is what the homeowner would not wish to have. Therefore, Robert Bull advises homeowners to opt for RoyaleLife bungalows.

Bungalows offered at RoyaleLife are of superior quality. They are fully furnished to ensure a comfortable stay. Therefore, when a homeowner is faced with a financial problem, they can opt to live in the bungalows and surrender their homes in exchange. The amount that would be in excess would be given to the homeowner in cash. They can use this cash to settle debts, tuition fees, or any financial constraints they may have faced. Also, when they die, they won’t have to worry about burdening the beneficiaries with loans or risking losing the house.

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